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Q and A with Chef Thomas Snyder at Esteban

Q and A with Chef Thomas Snyder at Esteban Restaurant at Casa Munras in Monterey.

Q What’s your favorite ingredient to cook with?

A This is a tough one — it’s like picking my favorite Grateful Dead song! It changes all the time. It’s seasonal. I could say my favorite is tomatoes, but if I tried to cook with those in December ... (Grimaces.) Right now from Mariquita Farm (in Watsonville) we’re getting some wild arugula that’s so peppery and excellent and I’m lucky to have Colleen (Logan, of Savor the Local farm-to-restaurant delivery) bringing me those. It’s something that’s in season and just really hitting the mark right now.

See the full article here. http://www.montereyherald.com/lifestyle/20160823/a-taste-for-tapas-thomas-snyder-of-esteban-seeks-spanish-tinged-perfection

Great article on our client Basil

Check out the article on Basil (p. 12-13) which includes a mention of Savor!

local hero award


Savor the Local wins best food purveyor in edible Monterey bay magazines Local Hero Awards!


“Savor the Local is an absolute game changer,” says Big Sur Bakery chef Jacob Burrell.

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Culinary Adventures with Camilla review of pop up dinner at La Balena.

Camila M. Mann of Culinary Adventures with Camilla gives an excellent review of the latest pop up dinner experience from Savor the Local.  Click here to read what you missed.


photos by Camila M. Mann

Deconstructed Seafood Stew with Baccalà and Perón Purées topped with Dungeness Crab and Fresh Radishes Drenched in Brown Butter.


Wines by Cima Collina



Sablefish Drizzled with Truffle Oil astride Sunchoke Purée, Chanterelles, and Potatoes topped with Fried Sunchokes and Crispy Kale.